Lil' Kickers, a strong foundation…for life.

Pre-Employment Application

Lil’ Kickers is more than just a great soccer program for kids. Our balanced and creative approach to coaching will have a positive impact on children that goes far beyond the soccer field. Our high-energy soccer classes are carefully designed to enhance children's overall growth and well-being. The result? Kids with strong physical skills, who are well-balanced and confident. And, we do all this while kids have the time of their life.

Lil’ Kickers - Soccer Coach
Job Title: Coach
Department: CPSA
Reports To: Coordinator


- Lead classes according to Lil’ Kickers standards and methods
- Create fun, creative learning environment for children and parents
- Maintain safe environment for children
- Welcome and orient new children and parents
- Clean field/rink/area after each class in prescribed manner
- Advise Coordinator of any incidents or issues that take place during class
- Show up on time and lead all scheduled classes
- Attend all trainings or other meetings as requested
- Assist in training new coaches as requested


Class Management:
- Collect and ensure accurate class roster information
- Complete and process class payment registrations, including by phone and in-person
- Appropriately and accurately use SAM (sports arena management)
- Provide hand-outs and information updates to children and parents as requested
- Appropriately escalate parent/child concerns or issues to Coordinator


- Understand and possess detailed knowledge of all Lil’ Kickers programs and facilities
- Conduct all calls as scheduled, including reminder calls, “win back” calls, and other calls as requested


- Complete and submit all required paperwork, expense reports, etc. accurately and on time
- Login, access, and appropriately use Sport IT

Competencies include:
- Positive, energetic and enthusiastic.
- Strong customer service orientation.
- Excellent time management skills.
- Excellent Lil’ Kickers coaching skills.
- Ability to communicate well with kids and parents.
- Creative.
- Patient.
- Experience working with children under four years of age.
- Timely, and follows through on commitments.

- Experience working with children under four years old preferred.